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The Kapasseni Project is dedicated to assisting the regeneration of Mozambique by providing children and families with educational opportunities, clean water, health care and spiritual support. The project was started in 1998 by Mozambican refugees Joseph and Perpetua Alfazema, who were living in Victoria, British Columbia. The Alfazemas have since returned to their native country, residing in Sena, a town near Kapasseni village.

The all-volunteer Kapasseni Project in Canada works hand in hand with the Kapasseni Society in Mozambique to assist the village and the surrounding area. Amazing results have been achieved through dedication and effort in both countries and through the generosity of many Canadians. Today, there is a five-room school, a breakfast program, two wells, a health centre, eye care, HIV/AIDS education, a food orchard, a corn grinding mill, and a budding community economy. There is energy and hope.

The most exciting difference is the brightness of the children. Once withdrawn and fearful, the children of Kapasseni today are very different. They are playful and engaging, benefiting tremendously from improved health and the stimulation of education. In a world so full of devastation and heartbreak, particularly in Africa, Kapasseni is a place where life is definitely improving and a new light shines. Come and visit Kapasseni through our pictures and stories.
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