The Kapasseni Project

Friends and Partners

Manuel Miandica is a dynamic young community organiser and educator with a passion for HIV/AIDS education and prevention.  Through drama, music, debate and discussion, he provides HIV AIDS education in Kapasseni, Sena, and Caia, and hopes to expand his programs to more villages.  In his position as the Director of the Kapasseni Society, Manuel works very hard to bring programs to Caia District that will benefit social and community development in the area.  Manuel is also HIV/AIDS Education Program Director with the Kuwangisana project.

Canadian Lutheran World Relief has been an ongoing supporter of the Kapasseni Project.  Funding provided over 2000-2002 helped to provide Kapasseni with two wells and the health centre.  More recently, CLWR has collected emergency donations to assist flood victims in Sena and other areas of Mozambique hit by disaster.

Lutheran World Federation does community development work in Mozambique and emergency disaster coordination.  LWF has assisted the Kapasseni Project when requested and provided emergency clothing, tents, and blankets during severe flooding in Sena in 2007.

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society raised $5,000 towards a shared vehicle for the Kapasseni Project and the Kuwangisana Home Based Care Project.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League supports mission work through their donations and fund raising.  Many groups within LWML have had fundraisers for the Kapasseni Project and sent contributions for Joseph’s mission work and for the community development work.

Canadian Lutheran Agencies in Mission is an association of Lutheran service organizations working to promote international mission work.

Stephen Lewis Foundation and Medical Teams International have provided partnership funding for Kuwangisana, home based care project for people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Ernesto Pechisso is an ophthalmology technician in Mozambique. At the request of the Kapasseni Project, he visited the village in 2006 and 2007, providing eye testing and treatment to hundreds of people.  Joseph Banzi from the Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology joined Ernesto in Kapasseni in 2007 to advise on a sustainable model for eye care provision for Caia District.

Nzola Swaisa and Rob Porter, from Victoria, British Columbia fundraised for radio email, and set up stations in Kapasseni and Sena in 2006.  They continue to provide technical advice and expertise.


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