The Kapasseni Project

Health Care

Many children and adults in Kapasseni have suffered from treatable and preventable ailments, such as ear and eye infections and diarrhea.† Other serious illnesses included bilharzia, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, cataracts, infection during childbirth and malnutrition in young children. †HIV/AIDS infection rates are low, but the people remain vulnerable. We are addressing Kapasseniís health care needs with a village health centre, programs for eye care and for HIV/AIDS education, and through assistance to Perpetuaís Kuwangisana home based care program (based in Sena but also serving many villages including Kapasseni).†  

Kapasseni Health Centre
In 2002, we funded construction and staffing of Kapasseniís four room health centre, where a nurse , first aid attendant, and two traditional midwives provide pre-natal, maternal and child care, as well as first aid and treatment of diseases. †The health centre serves about 9,000 people in the area around Kapasseni, and is under the supervision of the Mozambican Health Ministry.†  

Traditional midwives Sara Mairosse and
Augustina Charles, with first aid attendant
Victorino Luis Fole and Luis Pfundira

Two Kapasseni mothers and their
children at the health centre

Kwangisana Home Based Care Program
Perpetuaís Kuwangisana program helps to improve the lives of people with HIV/AIDS, their vulnerable children, orphans and grandparents caring for them.† Patients are often outcasts because of traditional beliefs that those stricken with HIV/AIDS have been cursed. The Kuwangisana workers help patients and their families understand the disease and how to deal with it, by providing simple medications, food, follow-up and much-needed love and friendship. †In partnership with the Sena District Hospital, Kuwangisana provides testing, treatment, and palliative care. †The project also serves the Kapasseni area.The Kuwangisana program has received funding from the Kapasseni Project, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and Medical Teams International.†

Kuwangisana program nurse Amelia and her colleague helped this young mother and baby who have HIV. The baby had a terrible rash and sores all over its body. Both were much better after receiving food and medication.






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