The Kapasseni Project

The Kapasseni School

Canadian and Mozambican flags fly together at Kapasseni School

Escola Primaria de Kapasseni was built by the villagers in July 1999, with the help of Joseph, Perpetua and four others from Canada who travelled to Kapasseni. The school was funded largely with the proceeds of a benefit concert performed by singer Ann Mortifee and the Gettin' Higher Choir. The first school building was a temporary one-room wooden structure, with 150 children and 30 adults taking classes in shifts, sitting on the dirt floor.

In 2000, a permanent brick schoolhouse was built, and has been expanded to accommodate growing enrolment, now reaching Grade 5. With generous support, we have added desks and chairs, a sewing program, a traditional music program, and a breakfast program.

The students are taught Portuguese, mathematics, geography, history, arts and physical education. The children often learn through storytelling and songs - a kind of teaching that has long been a part of Kapasseni culture. After school the older students tend a nearby garden plot. There is also a sports program, consisting of coached soccer games in the open space outside the school.

The school started its new year in January 2009 with 453 students. They are taught by eight teachers, including two women. The Kapasseni school is now being run by the Ministry of Education of Mozambique and they have expanded classes to include grade 7.

Shivon Robinsong and Kapasseni students linking
Canada and Mozambique across the globe

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