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Joseph and Perpetua Alfazema

Kapasseni Village

Chief Francisco Semente has been an ongoing partner and facilitator of project work in the village. The Community Development Officer in Kapasseni keeps track of the expenses and receipts, as well as paying salaries, purchasing supplies and making sure the programs are running smoothly. He provides monthly reports to the Kapasseni Committee in Canada and is a liaison between the committee in Canada and the community in Kapasseni.

Chico Fungulane is the school headmaster and Community Development Officer. Two local women are employed as traditional midwives at the health centre. The Kapasseni Project employs two cooks for the School Breakfast Program, Guards, a tailor and bookkeeper. Braz Paraffino and Emaculada Joaquim teach traditional music and dance. Committees made up of people from the village and surrounding areas help direct the running of the school and the use and maintenance of the wells.

The school headmaster, teachers, security guard (in uniform)
and Chief Francisco Simente

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